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Introducing CRAFT: Character Region Awareness for Text Detection

Visualization of character-level detection using CRAFT Character Region Awareness for Text Detection(CRAFT) is a novel scene text… Read more

10 Artificial Intelligence Innovations in 2021 That Gave us Hope for the Future

The application and popularity of Artificial Intelligence are thriving by the day. Businesses around the globe are tripling if no… Read more

What does it mean by fitting a model in Machine Learning?

In Machine Learning, fitting a model to a dataset is synonymous to training a model. By fitting we mean learning the parameters o… Read more

Model Validation for Supervised Models

While implementing supervised machine learning model, there are mainly four core steps as follow: Choose a class of model Choose … Read more

Introducing Manim - A Next Level Python Visualization Package for Animation

Conveying  your ideas using appropriate visualization tools to your audience is one of the prime skill every good data scientist … Read more

Implementing Web Scraping in Python with BeautifulSoup4: Scraping Corona Data from(https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

Hello Good People! Today we are going to scrap CryptoCurrency price from worldometers.info . For this we are going to make use of… Read more

Real Time Object Detection using YOLO V5

Real Time object detection is a technique that is used to recognize objects from video or photos. Over Years, there are many pape… Read more

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