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Greetings, Namaste, Hello, Hola, and Assalamu-alaykum! Welcome to YarsaVision. I am Poshan Pandey, the creator of this blogging site, and I am joined by my friend Nischal Shrestha, who has also been instrumental in its development. We share a deep passion for machine learning and data science. Back in 2018, I embarked on a journey to share my learnings through writing articles, and in 2020, Nischal joined me as a writer, having previously served as an advisor.
At YarsaVision, we strongly believe in the mantra "Sharing is Caring." Our primary focus lies in the domains of machine learning and data science, leveraging the power of the Python programming language and various Python-based frameworks. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality information in a simple and accessible manner, ensuring that everyone can easily grasp the concepts and knowledge we provide.
Thank you for visiting YarsaVision, and we hope you find our content valuable and insightful.

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